To Drink or Not to Drink at the Casino


You likely hear the advice about not drinking while gambling a lot, and for good reason. Drinking while gambling can lead to some bad paths, but how bad is it really? Truth be told, that decision is up to you. You have to decide what you can handle, how you can play, and what is worth it. After all, there are both good reasons to have that drink, and good reasons why you should not.

A Guide to the Best Drinks You Can Order at a Casino

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Why Drinking at the Casino Is Not Such a Bad Thing

Those Drinks are Free

Everyone loves to get something for free, and it can be nearly impossible to pass up the opportunity. Most casinos offer alcoholic beverages for free. If you are a freebie hunter, you may want to consider having one drink just because you did not have to pay for it.

Drinking Reduces Your Inhibitions

While it is not a good idea to get drunk, especially when you are a new player, having one drink can give you a sense of calm. This is a good thing if you are new to playing jdl688 online casino in a casino when you are likely to be very nervous.

Why Drinking at the Casino is a Bad Idea

Drinking Leads to Rash Decisions

The more people drink, the less they tend to worry. This can be a very bad thing when your bankroll is involved. Players who have been drinking have a much higher chance of loosing track of their bets or deciding to go all in when they really shouldn’t.

Drinking Lowers Your Strategic Ability

If you are playing an intense poker game like Texas Hold ‘Em, you probably want to hold off on the alcohol. A lot of poker games require intense concentration and the ability to both think and act quickly. Alcohol impairs both your ability to move quickly and keep your concentration. Chances are you will play worse after you have had a view.

Other Players Notice Your Drinking

A lot of poker players see drinking as a way to take advantage of their opponent. While you may be able to play just as well after a drink or two as you would have sober, the other players will still be paying close attention to your moves. You do not have the advantage of being low-key when you are drinking at the poker table.